What is the LivesToken(LVTC) Mining Mechanism?

LivesToken(LVTC) will be issued a total of 28 billion tokens. 30% of the total issued tokens will be held for investors, 20% will be held for the founding team, 10% will be held for marketing promotions, 10% will be held for businesses who joined Symbiosism System, and the last 30% of the tokens(8.4 billion LVTC) will be distributed through mining. Each year's upper limit of mining tokens will be 60% of the previous year, and founding team's tokens will unlock 2% per year. LVTC mining will have 2 stages. Stage one is “promotion stage” which starts from the end of January 2018. During this stage, 10 million LVTC will be distributed every day, for a total of 50 days. Stage two is “official stage”. During this stage, the remaining 7.9 billion LVTC will be distributed for around 10 years. 

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