What Is Symbiosism Economy?

Symbiosism economy refers to the symbiont formed by independent economic organizations for the purpose of sharing similar resources or complementing different kinds of resources. The formation of such symbionts will lead to direct or indirect improvement of resource allocation efficiency inside or outside economic organizations. Symbiosism economy can be divided into complementary sharing and complementary competition. Complementary sharing symbiosism economy is the operation of gathering each partner's resources to form a "complementary advantages" and eventually to achieve a magnified and complementary effect towards the original resources, and hence realize common prosperity. Complementary sharing symbiosism economy is the most common form of symbiosism economy, and its "complementary effect" depends on the complementary ways and complementary strengths of all parties involved. Complementary way is the structure of complementary symbionts while complementary strength depends on the degree of interdependence of all parties. The higher the degree of dependence, the greater the intensity, the better the symbiosism effects, and vice versa.

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