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Symbiosism Economy
The LivesOne can quantify online behavior's value through blockchain technology and hatch Symbiosism Economy in order to facilitate the development of the new economy form. LivesOne created a new social and economic relationship, and provided a new online economic platform. Internet users and businesses will establish a new energetic Symbiosism eco-system.

Online Behavior is Value.

Users can conduct mining through Symbiosism applications. And the Symbiosism System will reward users with different amount of LVTC by calculating users' online behavior like registration, click, purchase, and so on.

Connect All Businesses and Users.

The Symbiosism System will create a SDK to pack up token transaction, POV algorithm, and reward mechanism altogether.

Enhance User Stickiness and Loyalty.

LVTC's mining mechanism is an algorithm that integrates users' online behavior, duration time, credits, and so on. In short, users can obtain more LVTC by using more Symbiosism applications.

Reduce User Acquisition Cost.

10% of the total issued LVTC will be assigned to Symbiosism businesses. This is good for LVTC's rapid expansion and could facilitate the entire system's prosperity.
LVTC - Aggregate "User Behavior Value"
User behavior can also be considered as user's energy putting on the Internet. Each user's energy is limited, hence "user behavior" is scarce resources. Different from Bitcoin's POW consensus program and Ethereum's POS consensus program, LVTC adopted the POV(Proof-of-Value) consensus program as its own mining mechanism to convert user behavior value into LVTC.
Latest Updates
Symbiosism Economy connects the world and value
  • Invite Friends To Elevate Computing Power Of Livestoken(LVT)!
    Good news! From 12th April, you can accelerate the mining speed of Livestoken(LVT) by inviting friends! Here’s the introduction of this even
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    Release time April 12 2018
  • Maxthon Leads Worldwide Browsers To Embrace The Blockchain Technology
    Internet technology has contributed a lot to modern society’s evolvement. Information can be disseminate freely online.
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    Release time January 02 2018
  • LVT's Private Sale Will Be Closed Soon. Don't Miss Out The Next Bitcoin.
    New cryptocurrency LivesToken(LVT) was introduced by LivesChain, a blockchain platform and hatchery for Symbiosism Economy...
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    Release time December 13 2017
  • New Cryptocurrency LVT Launches Private Sale
    Maxthon recently partnered with Singapore based Symbiosism Economy Foundation to participate in a new blockchain project called LivesChain.
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    Release time December 13 2017
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