What Can LivesOne Do?

       The establishment of the LivesOne is due to Internet user's value has long been ignored. In daily Internet using, users will go through process like account registrating, content creating, webpage browsing, commenting & sharing, online shopping and so on, which all created value. They all increased different website's active rate, retention rate, and even paid conversion, but the user did not get any material reward from it. LivesOne is trying to put all Internet applications together to form a Symbiosism System. LivesOne is the new economic system that built in virtual network. In this system, consumers and businesses formed a ecological circle of Symbiosism System that based on both sides’ mutual interests. In the ecological circle, each entity will be used as an anchor to track its contribution value and credit. And the benefit is obtained in the form of LivesToken(LVTC) on a daily basis according to dynamic algorithm.

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