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What is Grape Booster?

    - Grape booster is a VPN service which provides fast and high quality accesses to connect to blocked sites.
    - Free download, one-click to connect the open Internet, fast and simple.
    - Various channels for your selection, Grape booster continuously purchasing servers in a global scale to improve our connection quality.
    - Data encrypted, protect your privacy, safe and secure.
    - Enterprise class server group, superb world-class broadband.
    - Smart recognize sites that need to be accelerated.
    - Support all main stream operation systems.
    - Up to 99% usable rate, real time monitor on background, auto-pretreatment for abnormal channels.

LivesOne Coupon Declarative Rules

    - All goods in the LivesMall are electronics, which do not support refund or exchange. The usage status of goods is based on verification of the supplier.
    - Each LVT account is limited to 3 purchases of the same product.
    - Grape Booster (GB) Coupon Product Description: You can check coupons in My Coupon after purchasing. The coupons can generate redeem code which can be used directly to get the data in Grape Booster.
    - The Coupon supplied by Grape Booster is currently only available for the users who are not in China. Users in China please do not purchase.
    - Coupon Offer Deadline: 05.28.2019.

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