Are There Any Mining Instructions?

LivesToken(LVTC) is the hard currency and lubricant in the Symbiosism Economy.

When you are us theg mining edition of Maxthon Browser, you are also contributing to the development of Symbiosism Economy. And the LVTC generated for you reflects the value of your behavior and time consumed on the Internet.

Simply use Maxthon Browser and its related products(Maxnote, Passkeeper, UUMail, etc.) to be able to acquire LivesToken.

If you just opened your browser without doing anything, then you'll not be rewarded.

Using any kind of deceptive methods including bots, virtual machine, and any other non-manpower behaviors to mine for LVTC will lead to permanent ban.

Tips to mine more LVTC:

1. Set Maxthon Browser Mining Edition as your default browser.

2. Set as your default homepage, and set Maxthon as your default search engine.

3. Use Maxthon Browser Mining Edition on a daily basis. The more you use, the more LVTC you can get.

4. If you are a coder, you can develop your own LivesOne application on a later stage. 

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