What are mining rigs(virtual mining rigs)?

Mining rig Introduction:

Mining rigs(virtual mining rigs) are distributed according to your LivesOne account level. Mining rigs are used to record your online behaviour, quantify it through POV consensus mechanism and distribute tokens to you. One mining rig can only be bound to one APP once.

Number of Mining rigs:

User level
 New Miner 
Junior Miner
Middle Miner 4
Senior Miner 5
Master Miner 6

Mining rig binding:

Once you logged in to the LivesOne account and chose an available mining rig, the binding is completed. Mining rig binding does not require you to log in to the Maxthon browser account, but when you did, there will be a computing power bonus of 20%.

Mining rig unbinding:

There are two ways of Mining rig unbinding, 1) unbinding current mining rig in the plug-in setting page; 2) managing all mining rigs in the [Managing Center-Safety Center](https://lives.one/security/minermanage). Unbinding will reset today’s mining income to zero on this mining rig, lock current mining rig and reject binding for 24 hours. Please be cautious!

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