Team of LivesOne

Jeff Chen

Maxthon Browser's founder and CEO, senior Internet product designer and manager.

Jeff Chen was born in Zhengzhou, Henan province of China in 1975. He entered Beijing Institute of Technology in 1994 and started to work on his own browser product in 2000 when he was working in Singapore. In 2003, he researched and developed the MyIE2 browser independently, which was the prototype of Maxthon Browser. In 2006, Maxthon has been named "Asia's Most Potential Business Top 100" by the world's leading IT commentary magazine "Red Herring". In 2017, the Maxthon Browser that was cultivated and developed by Jeff Chen exceeded 1 billion downloads merely from its official website.


Hongbing Zhu

Hongbing Zhu is a successful continuous entrepreneur in Internet industry and an expert of Internet Finance. He is also the founder, director, and CEO of Keyword-tech PTE LTD in Singapore, and the overseas founder of Internet Finance company Cashnice PTE LTD. Hongbing was graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1996 and from business school of University of Manchester in 2013. He was also served as manager and managing director of renowned enterprises like Hanwang and PP Live.


Arena Li

Arena Li received a Bachelor degree of Automation in People’s Liberation Army Information Engineering University and a Master degree of Finance in Renmin University of China.

From 1998, she worked in Founder Group for 13 years and was served as operations director of Founder Century, and financial director of Founder Group headquarter. She led the Deloitte project for many years and completed Founder Group's financial strategy of more than 50 companies. Due to her excellent job, she was honored with the outstanding manager for many times.


Eric Zhu

Eric Zhu was graduated from Department of Computer Science and Technology of Nanjing University. He’s an expert on blockchain technology and has more than 10 years experience of technical team management. He is proficient in Linux high-load & high-performance server-side program architecture design and implementation, and also good at a variety of server development language, database, and cache. He has also got plenty of experience on Windows and Android development.


David Li

David Li is a senior technical experts and architects with around 20 years of IT and Internet industry working experience. He has participated in clients, embedded project, background services and other projects development and design. He was also constantly concerned about secure storage, data encryption and decryption technology. He is the core developer and designer of LivesOne project.


Paul Hu

Paul Hu is a senior product expert with 5 years of Internet product design experience and has operated tens-of-millions level Internet products. He is the early activist on Bitcoin Community and has entered the blockchain industry in 2015. He has an unique insight into blockchain and cryptocurrency and has participated in several blockchain projects. He is the core designer of LivesOne project.

Consultant team

Nowadays, the Internet and information technology are closely linked with people's daily life. With the continuous evolvement of technology, the world is stepping towards the era of Symbiosism Economy.

The Singapore Symbiosism Economy Foundation is thrilling to embrace the future and actively advocate the Symbiosism Economy. It is set to vigorously invest in building a Symbiosism economic platform that based on blockchain technology.

The development team is with world-class management standards, mature experience of developing products for general users, superb professional skills and efficient teamwork. Your trust will not be failed.

Team Introduction
Hong Qian
Dean of the Global Symbiosism
Research Institute
Founder of the Global Symbiosism Forum
Visiting Scholar of Fudan University
Qibin Sun
Doctor, IEEE Academician
Expert on pattern recognition
and artificial intelligence
Expert on Wisdom Network
Yingfei Li
Senior Bitcoin Miner
Blockchain Expert
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