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New Cryptocurrency LVT Launches Private Sale

Soure:PR Newswire     Release time:December.13 2017

Maxthon, a global software company that develops advanced browsers, recently partnered with Singapore based Symbiosism Economy Foundation to participate in a new blockchain project called LivesChain. With the strong support comes from Maxthon, LivesChain officially launched private crowdsale for its new cryptocurrency called LivesToken(LVT). This marks that the world renowned browser developer is adapting itself to embrace the blockchain technology.

Users’ daily Internet using behavior like account registrating, content creating, browsing, commenting, sharing, and online shopping all generated value for businesses. But the users themselves did not receive any material reward. The emerge of the LivesChain is aiming to solve this problem by putting all Internet applications together to form a economic system. Users using applications that accessed to this system will be given material reward in the form of LivesToken(LVT) based on their online behaviors on a daily basis according to dynamic algorithm. On the other hand, users who possessed LVT can use it in the Symbiosism system to purchase value-added services. This could ultimately achieve the common benefits for both businesses and users.

The private crowdsale started a while ago and people can easily subscribe their preferred amount of LVT at with special discounts now. With Maxthon Browser’s endorsement on technical support and resources, LivesChain is likely to be the first blockchain project that comes with a real and steady product but not just a concept. Plus, being the first business to participate in the Symbiosism System, Maxthon Browser itself can bring a lot of global users to the project to facilitate its maturity and prosperous. Thus, it’s highly likely for the LivesChain issued cryptocurrency LivesToken(LVT) to increase steadily in value.  

Besides, LivesChain also launched LivesToken Bounty Program to promote the token crowdsale by sending a certain amount of LivesToken to promoters as an incentive. Specific details of the program can be found at   

About LivesChain & Maxthon

The LivesChain is the platform and hatchery for Symbiosism Economy, a future economic form that created by Beijing AoYiQuKuai Technology Limited who was commissioned by Singapore based Symbiosism Economy Foundation. It can solve the user value realization problem by issuing a cryptocurrency LivesToken(LVT) to compensate the quantified value that users generated from their behaviors on the Internet, and hence facilitate the value circulation. The ultimate goal of LivesChain is to change the relationship between businesses and users completely in order to build Symbiosism Economic Model, a brand new IT business model that based on blockchain technology.

Founded in 2005, Maxthon is a global software company that develops state-of-the-art web browsers that give users a seamless browsing experience across multiple platforms. Maxthon browsers are used each month by more than 100 million people in 140 countries around the globe. Maxthon Browser’s hundreds of millions of users worldwide will become the first batch of LivesChain’s seed users, and the early holders of LivesToken(LVT).

More information about LivesChain and LivesToken’s private crowdsale can be found at:

More information about Maxthon can be found at:

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