LivesOne is aiming to achieve mutual improvement and common growth for users and businesses.
LivesOne is a future economic form that created by Symbiosism Foundation. It can quantify common users' online value through blockchain technology and innovative algorithm in order to develop a new business model for the future.
What is LivesOne?
LivesOne quantifies online behavior through blockchain technology and incubates Symbiosism Economy to facilitate the development and prosperity of new economic forms. The LivesOne creates a new social relationship and a new economic relationship, therefore provides a new online economic platform. Online users and businesses together will form a new vibrant Symbiosism ecosystem.

Online Behavior is Value.

Connect All Businesses and Users.

Enhance User Stickiness and Loyalty.

Reduce User Acquisition Cost.

What is LivesToken(LVT)?
LivesToken(LVT) is the digital tokens issued by LivesOne. It is the medium that can quantify user's online value. LivesToken(LVT) is distributed through Internet applications to compensate the quantified value that users generated from their behaviors and consumed time on the Internet. LivesToken(LVT) is based on the blockchain technology. All data points transactions are recorded by the blockchain to achieve a fair, open and transparent economic ecology.

Easy to obtain

Users can easily gain LVT through multiple online activity.


Behavior record will be distributively stored.

Transparent & equitable

LVT is a cryptocurrency that developed based on Ethereum blockchain.

Large appreciation space

LVT's circulation will cause scarcity and hence lead to price soaring.


LVT can convert to legal currency freely worldwide.

Fast growth

Operated by well known Internet development team, safe and sound.

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