Symbiosism Economy
Establish A Deeper Connection Between Businesses And Users!
The system will issue LVT rewards to users based on calculation of their Internet behavior. Users can either use LVT in the Symbiosism System or transfer to others. LVT has strong liquidity due to its blockchain nature while the decentralized mechanism will enhance the value exchange efficiency and reduce businesses' user acquisition cost.
Proof Of Behavior Value
Price Users' Internet Using Behavior
The Symbiosism Economy believes that different Internet behaviors possess different values, and the LivesChain can price all those behaviors such as registration, purchase, and ad click and then assign LVT to users accordingly.
Applicable To Mainstream Consumer Scenarios
The liquidity of LVT will be largely enhanced through introducing millions of users and consumer scenarios to the Symbiosism System. LVT will be launched on mainstream exchanges to further elevate its liquidity.
No Additional Token Issuance. Each Year's Upper Limit Of Mining Tokens Will Be 60% Of The Previous Year
Businesses that will be introduced to the Symbiosism System are with million-scale users like Maxthon Browser. LVT distribution will be quick and the reserved LVT will run out soon, which will facilitate secondary markets.
Appreciation Model
The Appreciation Brought By Eco-system Development
The market value of a cryptocurrency will be in a proportional relationship with the eco-system it relied on. With all sorts of businesses joining the Symbiosism System, the system's market value will continue to raise for certain.
Greener & More Equitable
LivesChain will adopt the POV consensus program. Users can conduct mining through using Symbiosism System applications. Thus, they can acquire LVT without consuming excessive computing powers.
Join Symbiosism Economy
In the Internet age, LVT, a new cryptocurrency that solves value realization problem is born. Are you ready?

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